The Brand

The “Basics” brand was created in 2012 by a team of young talents, inspired by their love of art, nature and extreme sports. Their purpose is to produce quality clothing with unique design.
“With the Basics brand we want to start a new chapter in the development of the link between art and clothing design.”

About the team

The creators of the brand are Vesela Nenkova and Hristo Hristov

Vesela Nenkova

Graduated from the National Art Academy in Sofia - she is the main artist and fashion manager of "Basics Wear".
How did it all start? The birth place of “Basics” is a rooftop studio, where I lived in 2012. There it all began with a few paintings I did.

Why did it begin? In the beginning, I was painting other people's designs for clothes, but it didn't work out . It made me feel angry, but then I decided to create "Basics". It gave me the great opportunity to do things for myself and from my view point. I now feel grateful for this freedom.

Where does your passion for clothes come from?
The truth is that before creating Basics, I did not have much of a passion for clothes and even less knowledge of clothing design. The original idea was to bet on the unique drawings and find ready-made clothes to print on. But we realised that this did not fit the quality we were looking for and so we started to look into the works of different tailors, fabrics, printing companies and so on.

Where does your passion for painting come from?
I suppose I have always had it inside me, but as a kid I was too wild to sit quietly and paint. My passion for painting was awakened at a later stage of my life and it gradually is developing with my personal growth. I think that a year after graduating from the Academy of Arts I started to paint for real and realized how valuable the freedom to express yourself is.

What inspires you?
Emotions, people, music, but above all is our connection to nature. “The Big Mama“ will always stay the most exciting and inspiring thing. From there comes the name "Basics" – going back to the principles of nature.

Do you work alone or do you have someone’s support in this not so easy adventure?
I work mainly alone, but I have the support of Hristo Hristov, the other person responsible for creating “Basics”. I am grateful for his confidence to invest in this idea blindly ! Also for the patience, because things in our country happen very slowly and difficultly.

Next projects?
For now the focus is on the development of "Basics". We still have a lot to design and we believe in unveiling the brand’s full potential.

P.S.: If traveling is considered as a project, then there are many other projects coming up, as well!

What do you do in fact?
I'm living my life:) Extreme sports are my other passion. I used to be a windsurf and ski instructor for 8 years. Now I work as a team leader of the “Legion run” production team and as a freelance artist.

Clothes are just a hobby or a full-time job?
I would not call them just a hobby, but I work on them in my spare time. I really want the project to grow and become a full-time job!

All our products are manufactured in Bulgaria, and all designs specially designed and painted for "Basics"